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University Study Says ‘Natural Wind Changes’ Contribute to Global Warming

Hey guess what? There’s climate change. The climate changes all the time….

“What we found was the somewhat surprising degree to which the winds can explain all the wiggles in the temperature curve,” study lead author Jim Johnstone, a climatologist at the Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean at the University of Washington when he led the study, told the AP. “So clearly, there are other factors stronger than the greenhouse forcing that is affecting those temperatures.”

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Ebola reaches the US



According to recent reports, a man has tested positive for Ebola in Texas.

From The Blaze:

A patient in Dallas has tested positive for Ebola, the first time the virus has been diagnosed inside the United States.

A report from Fox News said the Dallas County Health Department said the…

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Secret Service missed man with gun in elevator with Obama


The Secret Service has had a bad couple of weeks. Apparently just 3 days before letting a man jump the White House fence and run around the ground floor of the White House for a while, the Secret Service let a man with a gun ride in an elevator with Obama. Oops.

A man with a gun that the Secret Service did not know about rode in an elevator with President Obama during his visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta on Sept. 16.

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The previously undisclosed breach, confirmed by two sources familiar with the case, raises new questions about the agency’s ability to protect the president.

The incident, which took place three days before an intruder jumped a fence and sprinted inside the White House, involved a failure in Secret Service advance work to prevent an armed man from coming into close proximity with Obama while he was visiting the CDC to receive a briefing about the Ebola threat.

The threat to the president appeared minimal, but the incident alarmed agents on site and exposes a breakdown in several important Secret Service security protocols, the sources say.

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Another federal court strikes Obamacare subsidies on federal exchanges


In a bit of good news for those who of us who cherish liberty, another federal judge has ruled that the word “state” means “state”. That’s crazy, huh?

When last we left this line of cases, the Democrat-packed D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals had just vacated the decision in Halbig v. Burwell that struck down subsidies on the federal Obamacare exchanges. The D.C. Circuit decided that it would rehear the case en banc, something largely perceived as merely a partisan delay of the issue. That left just King v. Burwell out of the Fourth Circuit, and that decision upheld the IRS rule expanding subsidies.

Well, another federal court finally chimed in (there’s a fourth still pending in Indiana). A district court in Oklahoma struck down the IRS rule providing federal subsidies in the case of Pruitt v. Burwell. You can read the decision here. Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general, sued on behalf of the state, individuals, and employers to block the IRS rule, which the plaintiffs in all three cases contend was issued by IRS in violation of the law.

Like the now-vacated decision in Halbig, the judge in Pruitt could not find any statutory authority for IRS to offer tax subsidies to individuals that purchased insurance on the federal exchanges.  And, unlike the court in King, the judge in Pruitt does not find that “wiggle room” (his term, no joke) to find the statute ambiguous enough to approve the IRS rulemaking.

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Democrats To Supporters: “We’re BEGGING” You For Donations. "Begging, begging, BEGGING"


From Drew over at the great Weasel Zippers.  This is how Democrats treat their financial supporters.  Sadly, it seems to work for them.

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We still don't know how many people Obamacare enrolled


There are a lot of conflicting numbers out there, and that leads to only one sure conclusion: we have no clue how many people have actually enrolled and paid for their Obamacare plans.